Best way to attach a bar pin to the back of your casting. This technique makes a perfect clean back to any pin. 1. Roll out a thin sheet of clay. 2. Place your pin on top of the sheet of clay. Using the pin as your template, cut around it to make your sheet of clay the same size and shape as your pin back. Remover the pin from the sheet of clay and set aside for now. 3. Holding the pinback by the bar, press it gently into your prepared sheet to make some slight indentions. 4. Use a small round Kemper Cutter or a drinking straw to cut out the holes where the indentions were left by the pinback. 5. Insert the pin and the pin clasp through the holes in the sheet of clay. 6. Apply a very thin coat of liquid clay to the back of your pin. Now take the sheet of clay prepared with the pinback and place it on top of the pin, with the bar of the pinback sandwiched in between the two pieces of clay. 7. You can texture the backing sheet of clay to hide the fingerprints, or you can leave it plain. Now your pin is ready to be baked.