Can I make beads from these molds? Yes, you can! If you are using clay just run a needle through it where you want the hole to be. Molded shapes make great focal or centerpiece beads, or dangles for earrings and charms. The possibilities are endless! Bead rollers are available to make perfect fingerprint free beads. If beads are difficult to handle without distorting the image, just partially freeze for awhile before making the hole to keep it's shape a better. If you want something a little bit fancier than a hole, you can use a screw eye instead. Insert before baking your clay for a secure fit. If you have trouble making your beads the same size, make a sheet of clay with uniform thickness and then use a small clay cutter to make evenly sized bits of clay. If your holes do not like as nice as you hoped for, bead caps can hide your holes nicely, and add some detail at the same time. Baking your clay beads can be a bit challenging, but here’s our favorite easy technique. Get an aluminum foil cake pan and cut notches on two sides to hold metal pins. The thinner and sharper the pin the less distortion you will get. Thin craft wire works well.