Can I use your molds with food? Yes you can cast food in our molds, however it is not recommended to use edibles with raw clay. (Our molds are cured clay) Many people are using molds for candy/mints, frosting and lip balms without any problems, however this is a personal choice. We do have several customers who have ordered our molds to use with fondant, and they have reordered many times. To help you understand more about the safety of our molds, please read the following to help you determine it's safety with the use of your molds. Polymer Clay is non-toxic, but the safety has more to do with the food that you use than the clay. Baked clay is not going to poison you. Polymer Clay is not a food grade plastic mainly because it is very porous. You cannot clean it well enough to insure no little bugs are going to grow in leftover food. People naturally assume that a material that is not food grade is somehow dangerous. This is not always the case. While there are some materials -- some pottery, for example, contains lead in the earth clay -- that are in fact dangerous in and of themselves, Polymer Clay is not one of them. Polymer Clay's story is that it simply doesn't sanitize well. Cross Contamination Warning - Do Not - use the same mold for crafting and food projects. Our molds are made with a non-toxic clay and approved to use the AP non-toxic seal by The Arts Creative Materials Institute (ACMI). However never bake our molds in a microwave or under a broiler and they should only be baked at the manufacturer's recommended temperature of 275 degrees. What does it mean to have the ACMI label? Go here to find out.... We hope this helps, and if you have any other questions feel free to email us anytime.