General Crafting Tips Many - Cleaning Brushes: "Here is a little tip for cleaning paint and glue brushes... How often when you go to use brushes and their stiff and horrible? After washing brushes with water rub the brushes with hand (personal) soap and rinse well. The brushes stay soft and in good condition. I used this method daily and people often remark how soft the brushes are so I tell them my little tip I discovered by accident." - Painting Small Items: If you have small items to paint that are hard to hold onto, try this... Make a loop using a piece of masking or duct tape and stick it to the back of your project. Now, tape the item to the eraser end of a pencil. Hold onto the pencil to paint the item - to dry, simply place the pencil in a cup! - Both aluminum foil and sandpaper can sharpen scissors if you cut through a sheet of either. If you use sandpaper, make sure it's a fine sheet. - To prevent the string that comes off the hot glue gun, simply keep your glue sticks in the freezer until ready to use. Works like a champ! - Cleaning Hands: Apply a little baby oil to your hands before a painting session to make the removal of paint from your skin afterwards much easier. - Always use warm water to rinse brushes in. Hot and Cold water makes the paint stick to the bristles.