How do I attach my clay pieces to metal findings? A glued bond between a clay piece and a flat metal finding (such as a pin or earring back) holds best when the two pieces fit each other. Before firing, you can press the finding lightly into the back of the clay piece to create a small indentation. After firing, the two pieces will fit well together. Another way of increasing the strength of a glued bond is to slightly roughen the finding and the back of the clay with coarse sandpaper before gluing. This lets the adhesive get a better "bite" on the material. Some findings have a slightly oily coating that may interfere with the glue, so wipe them off first. Some findings can be fired right into the clay. For example, you can embed the end of an eye pin into the top of a pendant with the round eye showing, then fire the pendant. If you embed wire into the clay, you can get a stronger bond by twisting or bending the wire a bit first, so it can't be pulled straight out.