How do I give my clay an antiqued look? You can apply a patina with a dark color of acrylic craft paint. Try black, dark browns such as burnt umber, or charcoal gray. An antique patina is particularly effective on faux stones such as ivory, and on embossed or formed pieces with high and low areas; the dark patina remains in the areas after you rub it off the high ones, bringing the pattern into sharp relief. For a "just-dug- out-of-the-ground" look, carve scratches and gaps into the clay, before or after firing, and then use a dark patina to bring out these imperfections. 1. Paint the piece with a stiff brush, making sure to get paint into the crevices. 2. Wipe it lightly with a paper towel. You don't have to get all the paint off the surface; make sure not to wipe so hard that you remove paint from the crevices. 3. After the paint dries completely, rub the piece with fine steel wool to remove it from the high surfaces. 4. Buff the piece lightly to restore the high surfaces.