How do I make a clay piece into a pendant? There are several ways to hang a clay piece as a pendant for a necklace or earring: Pierce a hole from front to back at the top of the piece and insert a jump ring. This technique is most suitable for light, thin pieces made of strong clay; brittle clay may crack at the top after a while, causing the pendant to fall off. Embed an eye pin into the top of the piece before firing, leaving just the eye at the top visible. Bend the end of the eye pin a little before inserting it, to make the join stronger. Attach the jewelry finding called a "bail mount" to the top of the piece. (A bail looks like a tiny tweezers with a loop at the top.) Pierce the pendant from top to bottom, fire it, then insert a head pin from the bottom and twist the top end into a loop. You can also make the piercing bigger and thread a ribbon or cord through it, knotted at the bottom. If you have a piece that's already been fired, you can insert a head pin as described above if it's a pierced bead. If it's an unpierced flat piece, you can embed it in a clay frame or glue it to a metal filigree.