How do you care for jewelry and sculpture made of polymer clay? Polymer clay creations are quite sturdy in a bulky state such as large sculpture. Thin, small items, especially those made from Sculpey, Sculpey III, and Super Sculpey can be fragile and prone to breakage. Premo Sculpey's formulation, is however, stronger and more resilient, especially in thin applications. Polymer clay, if exposed to direct sunlight, will fade somewhat over time. Large sculptures, such as those used in gardens, should be sealed with Flecto Varathane to prevent deterioration. Jewelry and beads do not require specific precautions. They can be sanded and polished or sealed with an acrylic glaze. Many beadmakers dip a skewerful of beads into Future floor wax (found on our Molding Tools Page) and then let the beads drip dry while suspended on the skewer. This prevents bubbles or flat, dull spots if placed on a surface for drying.