Techniques for a shiny finish. When thinking about the finish you would like to achieve when making castings from your molds there are about four main types for you to consider. 1. The best result IF you are wanting a rich deep metallic finish would be PMC (Precious Metal Clay) It comes in both silver and gold, and you use it the same as you would clay, except in the way that you cure it. Be sure to remove your casting from your mold before curing it. 2. Another way would be to add a gold-leaf finish over a baked clay casting. Golf-leaf can be found in many metallic colors and can have a beautiful finish. 3. The easiest way to achieve a colored finish from neon, pearl or metallic would be to use colored clay to make your casting. No other steps would be needed unless you wish to add a clear coat sealer or an antiquing medium. 4. And our last option is how most of our samples are made in our gallery photos. We used white clay painted with acrylic paints. We like to add many finishes over the paint to give a prettier effect such as pearl or sparkle sealer or a antiquing finish. Don't feel intimidated by painting castings as they are surprisingly easy to get nice results. Just think of it as painting from the bottom up. First a apply a thin base color over the entire casting, then paint the details on top with desired colors and finish with a top coat of the techniques mentioned above.