What kind of glue do you recommend for polymer clay? KSilicone glues such as E-6000 manufactured by Eclectic Products are good for larger objects and to attach cured clay items to metal or wood. Super Glue Gel or Zap A Gap can be used to glue metal findings to finished pieces. The strongest clay to clay bond is formed with Victory 1990 by Bond Adhesives. FPC Corporation makes Surebonder FPC 9000. Use it in a well ventilated area as the fumes could be harmful. Recently we have had excellent luck with using Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate!" water based white glue to adhere baked polymer clay pieces to paper and scrapbook pages. It dries clear and provides a very strong bond. For an excellent clay to clay bond (whether raw to raw, raw to baked, baked to baked), use Translucent Liquid Sculpey. It is not an adhesive until baked. Apply carefully as it becomes slightly opaque after baking. If you're looking for the ultimate surface-to-surface glue advice, check out This To That.com. Select "plastic" for polymer clay, then select whatever other surface your using. It's not perfect - polymer clay doesn't always work by plastic's rules. But it might give you some ideas.