What sort of surface should I work on? Marble, glass, and ceramic tile are great work surfaces. Marble also helps to keep them at their best working temperature. Lucite is also a terrific surface to work on. The clay doesn't stick to either surface. Some polymer clay people use baker's parchment paper. Don't put uncured clay on any unprotected surface-furniture, tables, countertops, rugs, or floors-because the clay can ruin them. Always work on a clay-dedicated surface. Once clay is cured, you may put it wherever you like. Any utensils used when working with polymer clays (such as knives, forks, cookie sheets, pasta machines, rolling pins, etc...) should not ever be used for food preparation, even if you thoroughly clean them. Tip: You can smooth out fingerprints on clay surfaces by putting a thin dusting of cornstarch or baby powder on your finger and gently smooth out any marks in a circular motion.