What types of paints work well on baked polymer clay? Once your finished piece has been baked and cooled, there are so many finishing techniques to be used to make your project complete, try using colored chalks, a light dusting of various colors adds depth. You can also paint your piece with acrylic paints, or try using "Rub-n-Buffs". You may also seal your finished piece with a clay glaze. You can use acrylic craft paints on fired clay. (Don't use oils - they may react with the plasticizer in the clay, like some glazes.) Unlike many surface treatments, paint doesn't require you to glaze the piece afterward to avoid having the surface rub off. You can also use artists' pencils for special effects. Try using light colors on dark clay, dark colors on light clay. Textured molds hold the paint in the crevices allowing many painting techniques to try. Do not use permanent marker or nail polish as it tends to run and get sticking after time. Brushing a baked clay casting with alcohol will help acrylic paint adhere to it.