Over 1,000 Clay Push Molds to choose from! Here’s Everything you need to know!
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Over 1,000 Clay Push Molds to Choose From.
Selling everything you need to work from home by filling orders and owning Mad About Molds. This job has allowed me to be at home to raise our family for the past 15 years! Our kids are grown now so I'm pursuing other things. I've been able to pay for many things, we would never have been able to afford without this business. My family has benefited from me being available for those days you dread going to work or sporting events, sick days, going on field trips, doctors appointments. No asking the boss for days off to go on weekend getaways or vacations. Work in your PJ's if you want too. I never even posted a phone number so no phones to answer when kids are screaming or the dog is barking. The purchase of this business includes: Supplies: starter clay, packing supplies Equipment: small oven, clay machine, hot-plate, tools. 1,000 charms to make 1,000 molds. Charms can be reused and do not need to purchased again. Molding tools and most craft supplies listed on the website. Digital freebies customers can download at no cost. Baskets to organize individual orders. Resources Contact info to reorder all supplies. Personal training to make molds if come to my location. (SW Minnesota) How-To make molds video with a write-up to go with it. Online accounts Facebook business page. (2,400+ fans) Twitter account. Pinterest account? Mail Chimp account (2,000 addresses) View past blog/newsletter posts on Blogger. Digital files Website file - must buy Xara Web Designer website design program (demo online) if you want to maintain website yourself, or pay me $40 / hour for updates. You can edit product information yourself through a shopping cart program. Exported customer database file - or buy Lotus Approach 2000 if you want to use it yourself. Complete customer data records. (5,300+ customer addresses) Tons or promotional photos and images. Auto email reply documents. All product photos. (1,000+ products) 1,000 molds plus misc items for sale. Promotional videos. GoDaddy Domain registration - paid up till (date) Email address if it hasn’t expired. Fees Ecwid store: $17.00/mo. You have full access to make changes. (monthly) Hosting $9.99 (monthly) Domain renewals $20.00 (yearly) Email address if it hasn’t expired. Payment fees. You will need to set up your own PayPal account or 2chekout (I use both on this website.) Shipping Must pick up to get personal training. Or must pay for delivery. Extra items you will need that are not included Work desk/table, chair, good lighting Shelving for mold charms and inventory. Printer - if you would like to print out order invoices. Computer or laptop. Additional optional - not required but nice to have. o Program for customer database - exported date which you can import into a database program. o Program for website development (Or I can do updates for $40/hour) Required skills Dedication Attention to detail Email skills General marketing and promotional skills Customer service Access to a post office Ability to learn the basics of mold making Optional skills not required, but nice to have. Photo shop program Website developing Programs to produce office documents Send out newsletters, blog posts etc... Shipping label program Ability to update to social networking sites Profit: You truly do get out of it what you put into it. If you contribute to online forums, newsletters, social networking and classifieds the orders will come in. I never needed to pay for advertising for this business, but I can recommend a clay magazine that would be my top choice for the best market in the business. Also selling on Ebay and Esty filters the right customers directly to your website by advertising it in orders and email communication. By selling a few choice products on these platforms hooks your customers in when they learn you have 1,000 molds to choose from on your website. They come back for more and many times they will bring their friends as well. Most of our feedbacks received on our Ebay account have been from selling these molds. (100% Positive feedback.) The arts and crafts business is just booming right now online! Explore the Mad About Molds website to learn about Clay Push Molds and what they are used for, instructions on how to use them and many creative ideas to put them to good use.
Established Online Business for Sale. Located in Brewster, Minnesota. USA, but can be operated from any location. - Open since 2004. WORK FROM HOME. BE YOUR OWN BOSS! $15,000.
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